The Constables Department is the chief process server of the justice court; provides state-wide jurisdiction to execute any criminal processes; and provides county-wide jurisdiction to execute any civil processes.

History of the Constable

Constables are the oldest law enforcement position in the world. History records Constables in France in the beginning of the 5th century, when they were known as the Counts of the King's Stables. By the turn of the 6th century they were the Chief Household Officers and commanded the Armies in the King's absence. In the year 871 AD King Alfred of England, declared the Constable was the highest judge in the military offenses and in matters of chivalry and honor. He was also named by the King to be the supreme arbitrator in tilts, tournaments, and martial displays. The Constitution of the Republic of Texas (1836) provided for the election in each county of a sheriff and "a sufficient number of constables." During the ten years of the republic's existence, thirty-eight constables were elected in twelve counties. The Constitution of 1876, designed to decentralize control of the state government, reduced the power of many state officials and mandated that constables would once again be elected at the precinct level. A 1954 constitutional amendment extended their term of office from two years to four. The Constables are elected by the registered voters in their own precinct, paid by the County and their Law Enforcement Commissions are still carried by the Governor of the State of Texas, which makes them state officers as they were in the early history of Texas. Constables are the only Law Enforcement mandated by the Texas Constitution which makes them truly indeed "The People's Police Officer".

Local Precincts

PrecinctElected OfficialAddressesPhone
Precinct 1Jeff Reeves412 William D. Fitch Parkway
College Station, TX 77845
Phone: (979) 695-0030
Precinct 2Donald Lampo200 S. Texas Avenue
Suite 151
Bryan, TX 77803
Phone: (979) 361-4477
Precinct 3J.P. Ingram1500 George Bush Dr.
College Station, TX 77840
Phone: (979) 694-7900
Precinct 4Isaac Butler, Jr.300 E 26th Street,
Suite 470
Bryan, TX 77803
Phone: (979) 361-4266