How Do I Make a Payment?
Payments are to be made per the court order. Delinquencies are addressed through administrative or court hearings, and failure to pay court ordered obligations can result in the revocation of community supervision.

Payments can be made in person at 202 East 27th Street, Suite 200, Bryan, Texas 77803, or by mail at BCCSCD, P.O. Box 2015, Bryan, Texas 77806-2015.

No personal checks are accepted, and will be returned if an attempt is made to pay by personal check. Cash, cashier's checks, and money orders are accepted when payments are made in person. Payments made through the mail should only contain cashier's checks or money orders, as it is not a good idea to send cash through the mail.

Always print your name and address clearly on the envelope and any cashier's checks or money orders sent through the mail. If you know your cause number, print that on the instrument, as well.

If making a payment for someone else, clearly print their name on the cashier's check or money order, and put a note inside the envelope, explaining that you are making the payment for someone else, and where the receipt needs to be sent.

When payments are made by mail, the receipt will be available at the next office visit, or will be mailed if you live out of town. A temporary receipt will be given for payments made at the reception window after the bookkeeping office has closed. Keep that temporary receipt until the permanent receipt is given to you, and compare the amounts to ensure that the payment was posted correctly.

Always obtain a receipt, check all receipts to ensure that the payment was correctly posted to you, and keep all permanent receipts until your case has expired and you are sure that all monies paid have been credited to your account.

Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of a bookkeeper and/or your officer immediately. If you believe an error has occurred and you are not satisfied that your officer and the bookkeeping office have resolved the problem, call the department and ask to make an appointment with the Fiscal Officer, or speak with the Fiscal Officer by phone. Be prepared to show all receipts to the Fiscal Officer, or mail copies of all receipts and explain the discrepancy so the issue can be researched fully.

Making payments is an important part of community supervision, and must be done regularly. Questions about making payments should be addressed to a bookkeeper or the community supervision officer, but problems in making the payments should always be addressed with the supervision officer.

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