Checking on our Neighbors in Need

 There’s a new program available to Brazos County seniors who live alone and don’t have anyone to check on them.  It’s called R U OK, and it provides a weekly phone call to check on homebound senior citizens and offer a sense of reassurance and security.

 So, how does it work? 

Up to three times a week, a volunteer will call the client at a designated time.  After repeated attempts, if there’s no answer, a sheriff’s deputy will be dispatched to conduct a wellness check to ensure the client is ok.  If the deputy arrives and the client does not answer the door, the deputy will enter the premises to physically check on the client.  For this reason, all clients must personally sign the enrollment application, giving law enforcement permission to enter their homes. 

 Who can sign up?

At this time, R U OK is available to seniors over age 65 living alone in the unincorporated areas (outside the Bryan / College Station city limits) of Brazos County.  Since the client must personally sign the application, family members are not able to enroll their loved ones.  But, concerned family members should visit with their older relatives and encourage them to register.

 How much is this going to cost?

R U OK is free.  No charge to sign up, and no charge to participate.  This is simply a way of making sure our senior Brazos County residents have someone to check on them.

 This sounds great!  How do I sign up?

You can download and print the English and Spanish versions of the form or contact the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office at (979) 775-RUOK and they will get a form to you.  Once the form is completed, you can either mail it to the Sheriff’s Office, or contact them and they will send someone out to pick it up.

 The volunteers working to help seniors through R U OK are bilingual and hope all Brazos County seniors in need will apply. 

 For more information, contact:
 Brazos County Sheriff’s Office
1700 W. State Hwy 21
Bryan, TX  77803
(979) 775-7865 (RUOK)

Other local resources for seniors include:

Brazos Valley Aging and Disability Resource Center
               3991 East 29th Street
               Bryan, Texas 77802
               (979) 595-2831 or 1-855-YES-ARDC (1-855-937-2372)

Elder Aid
               (979) 823-5127

Meals on Wheels
               (979) 823-2203

United Way