Elections / Voter Registration

Elections Administration Duties

  • Oversees all elections in Brazos County
  • Enlists and trains poll workers
  • Processes ballots by mail for civilian and Military/Overseas voters
  • Voter Registration including new registration and updates to current registration
  • Maintains the Brazos County voter roll (118,000+ voters)

Voting Changes for November Elections

Brazos County, TX – Brazos County voting equipment has recently been retrofitted to include the addition of a paper ballot.  Voters will now feed the paper into the machine, cast their ballot electronically, and then have the votes printed.  That paper ballot then must go into a separate machine to be read and stored.  At that point, the vote is officially cast. 

Brazos County Elections Administrator Trudy Hancock says, “With the change to a paper ballot, voters must now scan their ballot before leaving the polling place.  If the ballot is not scanned, the vote will not be cast. Votes are no longer stored electronically in the voting machines.  Once a voter leaves the premises they cannot return, as that would be considered voting again.  It is crucial all voters are aware that the ballot must be scanned before they leave.” 

A video demonstrating the new process is available at http://brazosvotes.org/node/37.  All other elections updates and information can be found at www.BrazosVotes.org.