Mission and Values


To provide outstanding quality in service and programming that keep the citizens of Brazos County safe from juvenile crime, that promote victim restoration, and that encourages, assists, and enables our juveniles to consistently engage in pro-social, non-criminal behaviors.

Our Values

  1. We are deeply concerned with our clients' safety, security, success, interests & welfare. As such, we value effective, ethical, culturally competent services.
  2. Our greatest assets are our people, and our reputation.
  3. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.
  4. We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. While recognizing that the old way may still be the best way, we constantly strive to find a better solution to problems.
  5. Integrity, strong character, and honesty are at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do, both in their work for the firm and in their personal lives.
  6. We value teaching & learning, enjoying camaraderie, and professional growth for all of our staff.
  7. We make an extraordinary effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job. We select our people one by one. In a service business, we know that without the best people, we cannot be the best firm.
  8. We offer our people the opportunity to move ahead rapidly. Advancement depends on merit, and we have yet to find the limits to the responsibility our best people are able to assume.
  9. For us to be successful, our men and women must reflect the diversity of the communities and cultures in which we operate. That means we must attract, retain and motivate people from many backgrounds and perspectives. Being diverse is not optional; it is what we must be.
  10. We stress teamwork in everything we do. While individual creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team effort often produces the best results. We have no room for those who put their personal interests ahead of the interests of the department and its client's.
  11. We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and to develop new services to meet those needs.
  12. We regularly receive confidential information as part of our normal client relationships. To breach a confidence or to use confidential information improperly or carelessly would be unthinkable.
  13. We value partnerships that promote collaboration to enhance communication, safety and education of the community.
  14. We value intervention strategies that are community based, family oriented, and minimally restrictive, yet protective of public safety.