Counseling Services


The Brazos County Juvenile Services Center offers a comprehensive counseling services program for youth and their families referred to Juvenile Services.


Crisis intervention, individual, family, and group therapy is offered to youth ages 10 -18 and their families. Anger Management, Girls on Track (a program that trains middle age girls for a 5K run while teaching life skills), and other psycho-educational and parenting support / education programs are offered.

Mental health screening, crisis intervention and referral are provided to all youth during the intake process and as needed throughout their stay at the Juvenile Detention Center. In addition, Juvenile Services collaborates with community programs to offer alcohol / drug education and treatment services to youth in detention and in the community.

All services are free of charge.


The therapy treatment and program goal orientation and structure is primarily to treat behavioral problems and emotional disorders as well as increase a child / family's ability to successfully complete conditions of release, deferred prosecution or probation guidelines.

Skills for the Future

Secondarily the goals are designed to assist a child / family in generalizing skills learned towards changing self-defeating behaviors, becoming accountable and decreasing probability for future offenses.

We offer a blend of behavioral, family structure and reality therapies that work from the orientation of treating a person in their environment. We work with the goal of keeping youth and families safe and successful by building strengths and reducing stresses.

Licensed Help

The counseling services and programs are provided by a licensed clinical social worker, LCSW (Certified Clinical Supervisor), and a licensed professional counselor, LPC.