Volunteers & Interns

Volunteer Program

The Brazos County Juvenile Services Volunteer Program is designed to provide members of this community the opportunity to assist in departmental programs, which enhance the moral, mental and physical development of children from the community. Volunteers from the community will utilize their respective skills and talents for the benefit of children in our community. Volunteers shall assist in programs such as mentoring, tutoring, or religious services. The program is intended to benefit the volunteer, the children in the programs, and the department. 

Become a Volunteer

If interested in volunteering with Brazos County Juvenile Services contact Mr. Cornelius Gray, volunteer coordinator, at (979) 823-3544, ext. 1820. Volunteers must complete an application, have an interview, and complete requirements of a background check.

Internship Program

The Brazos County Juvenile Services internship program is designed to provide college students with an external experience in a specific field. The internship will provide the student with entry-level skills. This will be accomplished through observation, mentoring by staff, and assigned tasks.

The intern will be under the supervision at all times of a certified juvenile probation officer or support staff. Students must complete an application, interview, and if chosen, complete requirements of a background check. Graduate and undergraduate internships in criminal justice, psychology, counseling, sociology, and other related fields are needed.

Become an Intern

If interested in becoming an intern with the Brazos County Juvenile Probation Department, please contact Mr. Joel Hein, at (979) 823-3544, ext. 1870.