Road & Bridge Department

Responsibilities & Services

The Brazos County Road and Bridge Department provides service by:

  • Acquiring right-of-way for public works projects
  • Brazos County constructs new roads and bridges
  • Brazos County maintains a total of 479 miles of road and 70 different bridge class structures
  • County subdivision plat reviews
  • Maintaining road signs and setting speed limits
  • Manage drainage
  • Permitting of construction, residential, or commercial
  • Planning of area transportation
  • Providing maps for public and internal use

Want to view Brazos County Road Conditions?

Check out the Brazos County Road Notifications Map!

We are one block east of the above intersection on the south side of Highway 21, across the street from the Hwy 21 Truck Stop gas station and behind the Agricultural Extension office. You may view a map for directions. 

Our Public Hours Have Changed

The Brazos County Road and Bridge Office is now accessible to the Public during the following hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. 

If you have a roadway emergency after hours please call Dispatch at 979-361-3888.

These hours may be affected by the county administrative approved holiday schedule.