Information Technology

Mission and Services

Our mission is to assist the other county departments to accomplish their business objectives through the evaluation, recommendation, purchase, installation, maintenance, and support of information resources.

We are committed to the cost effective and efficient delivery of quality services to the citizens of Brazos County, local municipalities, and state agencies required by other county departments to meet their goals and objectives.

Management Structure

The Information Technology Department of Brazos County operates under the joint executive management of the county judge and commissioners court and serves as an agent of the county offices led by elected officials and appointed department heads.


The IT Department is responsible for the proper maintenance and retention of records for which it is made custodian by Texas state statutes, Texas State Library Administrative Rules, Texas State Attorney General Opinions, or other legal means. These records include hardware and software installation and operations guides and manuals, source code, backups of applications and data necessary for disaster recovery and business continuity, distribution media, and any other records directly attributable to the operation and administration of the IT Department for which no other department is custodian.

The IT Department does not have custodial authority over emails, criminal or civil justice records, financial or payroll records, or other electronic or printed records for which custodial authority is expressly granted to elected officials or other department heads.

Records Request

The IT Department does not directly respond to any request for records for which it does not have direct custodial authority. The IT Department will respond to requests for records for which it does not have custodial authority only at the written direction of the elected official or department head given custodial authority.

The IT Department will in all cases solicit the assistance of legal counsel to determine the legitimacy of any request for records, the appropriate custodial authority over the records requested, and the applicability of any statutes, rules, or procedures governing compliance with records requests.

Subpoenas and Other Legal Processes

IT Department employees must seek the legal counsel when directed to produce records under subpoena or other legal process.

Backup Copies of Records

Copies of records on backup disks, tapes, or other electronic or print media will retain the same custodial ownership as the original records irrespective of the storage format of the original records.