Family Violence

Representation Available

The Family Violence Unit of the County Attorney's Office provides representation, at no cost, to victims of family violence who seek protection from those who abuse them.

If a victim meets the legal criteria for a Protective Order, the unit will prepare and file all of the paperwork necessary to request a Protective Order from a court. Such orders provide effective tools for police officers and law enforcement when they are called upon for protection of the victim and their family.

The links below are for all the paperwork associated with applying for a Protective Order.

If you are going to apply for a protective order, it is very important that you understand that the County Attorney's Family Violence and Mental Health Coordinator must notarize your signature on the Protective Order affidavit, the form with the title of 'Exhibit "A" Incidents of Family Violence'.

Therefore, please bring a valid I.D. with you and do not sign any of these forms until you are seen by the Family Violence and Mental Health Coordinator. If you have any questions about the process, please call 361-4657 for assistance.


TPO Incident Log

Affidavit of Family Violence - English

Affidavit of Family Violence - Spanish

Agreement of Representation - English

Agreement of Representation - Spanish

Family Violence Division Questionnaire - English

Family Violence Division Questionnaire - Spanish

Family Violence Division Incident Log

Service of Process Information Sheet - English

Service of Process Information Sheet - Spanish