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2013 Bid Tabulations

The tabulation sheets below have been approved by Commissioners Court. To request a copy of the official, signed document, please contact the Brazos County Purchasing Department at 979-361-4292.

 Bid No.  Title                                                                                              
 2013-01  Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies
 2013-02R  Oil Change Service
 2013-04R  Furniture Cleaning Service
 2013-05  Mail Service
 2013-06R  Culverts
 2013-07R  Seal Coat
 2013-08R  Uniforms
 2013-09R  Lane Striping
 2013-11  Road Signs and Sign Posts
 2013-15  Vehicle Equipment Install
 2013-16  Asphalts Oils and Emulsions
 2013-17R  Cold Mix Limestone
 2013-18  Tree Removal Service
 Crack Seal
 2013-20R  Flexible Base
 2013-23  Filters
 2013-27  Cold Mix Limestone
 2013-28  Network Cabling Parts
 2013-29R  Various Road Aggregate
 2013-30R  Oversized Limestone Aggregate
 2013-31R  Aggregate for Surface Treatment
 2013-32  Motor Grader Blades
 2013-33  Fence Building
 2013-37  Equipment Lubricants
 2013-38R  Asphalts Oils and Emulsions
 2013-41  Window Tint for Vehicles
 2013-42R  Heavy Machinery Rental
 2013-44R  Lime
 2013-46R  Mowing of County Rights of Way
 2013-47R  Transportation of Deceased
 2013-51  Vehicle Graphics