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Brazos County Floodplain Development Permit Application

  1. The Brazos County Floodplain Development Permit is required for all development.

    This application must be completed by the property owner or their legal representative.


    One who represents or stands in the place of another under authority recognized by law especially with respect to the other’s property or interest pursuant to a written Power of Attorney. 

  3. Location of Development:
  4. OR
  5. What kind of development is it?
  6. Description of Proposed Development (Check ALL that apply):*
  7. Will this development require you to apply for an On Site Septic Facility Permit with the Brazos County Health Department?
  8. Could your development be a...
    Manufactured Home Rental Community: A lot or tract of land that is separated into two or more spaces or lots that are rented leased, or offered for rent or lease, for a term of less than 60 months without a purchase options for the installation of manufactured homes for use and occupancy as residences.
  9. Will this development need a driveway located on a Brazos County Road:
  10. Locate and Choose your project site plan for review.
  11. Locate and Choose your project Elevation Certificate for review.
  12. Locate and Choose any other Plat or Plans that may aid in permit review.
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