Who Does CSCD Supervise?
The numbers and percentages listed here are current as of August 2007, the end of our last Fiscal Year. At that time, 4,110 offenders were under supervision through the Brazos County Community Supervision and Corrections Department. Many of these offenders have multiple cases, which are not included in this number - this is the actual number of offenders under probation supervision. Of these offenders, 2,256 are direct supervision cases, which means these offenders live and/or work in Brazos County and are supervised by officers locally. That number includes 1,137 felony offenders and 1,119 misdemeanor offenders. The remaining 1,854 offenders live and work and are supervised in other counties or states, are absconders, are in prison for other offenses, or are offenders whose supervision has expired and who are awaiting hearings to revoke their probation. Since the offenders are placed under supervision by local judges, these out-of-town cases must still be monitored by our department and the judges notified of violations of the conditions of supervision. Each month, between 150 and 200 new offenders are placed under supervision, and approximately that number terminate from supervision.

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