Pre-Trial Diversion Information (FODP)

Primary Mission and Purpose of FODP / Pre-Trial Diversion


The mission and purpose of the First Offender Drug Program (pre-trial diversion) are to improve the overall quality and efficiency of the criminal courts by diverting low-risk first-time drug offenders to a supervised program that will enhance public safety, reduce crime, hold offenders accountable, increase sobriety among drug offenders, reduce costs to our community, and ultimately reduce congestion in the criminal court dockets.


1.    Defendant must be represented by counsel in order to apply for admission into the program. If a defendant wants to apply for court appointed counsel after bonding out of jail, an Affidavit in Support of Court Appointed Attorney must be filled out and returned to the Brazos County Associate Court 1 (300 East 26th Street, Bryan, Texas, Suite 2106) during business hours. Defendants may call 979-361-4540 for more information. Notarized applications may also be faxed to 979-361-4559.

2.    Proof of education (proof of current enrollment in high school, GED program, or college) or proof of current employment. 

3.    Defendant will submit to all drug tests required by the Brazos County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD).  

4.    Defendant will follow all conditions set by the Brazos County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD)

5.    Defendant will admit their guilt to the criminal offense.

6.    Defendant cannot have been convicted, have current or past community supervision or deferred adjudication for offenses other than Class C misdemeanors.

7.    Defendant cannot have participated in any prior diversion program.

If you are an attorney interested in either an application for the diversion program or more information please call 979-361-4320 or e-mail the pre-trial diversion prosecutor.