Victim Restoration Services


The focus of Victim Services at Brazos County Juvenile Services is to serve victims of juvenile crime. Victim's names are received by our department in police referrals. If there is missing information for contacting the victim, it is the job of Victim Services to find the missing information, so that the victim can be contacted and informed of his or her rights in a timely manner. Victim Services also acts as a liaison between the victim and Texas Attorney General's Crime Victim's Compensation.

Next Steps

Once the victim receives the information from our department and responds, the victim's information is passed on to the appropriate caseworker and juvenile prosecutor.


By keeping watch on court dockets and victims' files, and staying in close contact with juvenile caseworkers and prosecutors, our department is able to provide services to over 50 victims per month and keep juvenile probation officers updated on juvenile probationers' restitution status.

For More Information

Contact our staff for more information about our Victim Restoration Services.