Budget Office


The Budget Office administers the County Budget as approved by Commissioners Court. The Budget office is responsible for the communication of the County's budgetary policies, operational and financial plans through the publication of the annual budget. It coordinates and monitors revenue and expenditure trends. Additionally, the office supports the Commissioner's Court with fiscal planning, monitoring, and policy analysis that assists the Court in making well-informed policy and financial decisions.

Duties and Responsibilities

Primary duties and responsibilities of the Brazos County Budget Office include:

  1. Preparation of the annual County Budget
    • Distributing a Budget Manual to all County Departments
    • Gathering and processing budget requests from all County Departments
    • Preparing a the County Judge's Recommended Budget for Commissioner's Court
    • Documenting departmental budget hearings to discuss funding levels and other policy issues
    •  Implementing the adopted operational and personnel budgets.
  2. Maintenance of the Adopted Budget throughout the fiscal year.
    • Processing of Budget Amendments
    • Processing of Budget Adjustments
  3. Preparation and distribution of Budget Documents